My photographs describe my world, not the day-to-day of it, but the sun-born visions and night-bound terrors that can’t be seen or understood until pictured. Memories and dreams, desires and fears, revelations and reflections, only come into focus when manifested in tangible images. Reimagined in photographs, my insights can be ordered, understood, and shared with others.


I work with a family of four-inch dolls, mass-produced over six decades ago. Once models of conformity, they are now faded and scarred, imbued by years of handling with unique personal histories, memories incarnate. I have multiples of each family member, and all have stories to tell, secrets to expose, emotional truths to tell. Intuitive, improvised, my photographs are created entirely in-camera and in available light.



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A River Made of Time and Memory

Susan Keiser   © 2017